MYOB Support Services

MYOB is a valuable tool that can assist business owners and staff maintain an efficient and effective operation.

Like all tools though it is essential that it is properly set up and used.

As an experienced MYOB Certified Consultant, Robert can assist in maximising the value of the MYOB suite of business software.

Services include;

MYOB Installation and Set up

Setting up an MYOB data file is the cornerstone to meaningful financial and tax accounting reporting.

It is important that the data file reflects an individual business’ needs and manner of operations rather than a generic file that may deliver basic information yet not be meaningful or diagnostic enough to support the business owners plans.

We will take the time before setting up an MYOB file and discuss with all owners and relevant staff their respective needs.

MYOB File review/audit

Over time MYOB files can ‘inherit’ characteristics of different users and cease to be as relevant as first intended.

Robert has developed a review process that will audit the integrity of data in a file and offer suggestions and recommendations for improvements or changes to the way in which the MYOB software is used.

MYOB Training

We offer ‘one to one’ on site training for MYOB users and business owners to ensure maximum value is obtained from the MYOB software.

This includes various tips and clues, security issues and all-important back up routines.

MYOB ‘Work-a-rounds’

Given the unique nature of many businesses, MYOB software may not always exactly meet a business’ requirements.

As a result it becomes necessary to develop MYOB ‘work-a-rounds’ to better serve the business or attach add-on software that will further enhance the value of the MYOB software.

Robert’s extensive experience with a wide range of businesses and understanding and knowledge of add on solutions offers MYOB users an even wider support service to what they may already have.

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MYOB Support Services

MYOB is a valuable tool that can assist business owners and staff maintain an efficient


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