About Us

Robert Crawford established Financial Business Services in 1991 with a desire to offer ‘hands-on’ support and assistance to the SME business sector.

After having worked in state and national management roles dealing with various SMEs, Robert identified the need for practical and honest advice and support to assist business owners and staff to maximise returns and output from their business investment.

Robert is a Bachelor of Business graduate, who has added a certificate in Instructional Skills and accreditation as an MYOB Certified Consultant to his skills and knowledge base.

He has also owned and managed a retail outlet and understands and appreciates the challenges and issues that accompany this business sector.

These skills, together with extensive experience in various business sectors, has ensured Financial Business Services has been able to continually provide professional and practical assistance to their valued clients.

With the aid of technology we have been able to attend to Client’s needs across a broad geographic landscape. We have assisted clients from outback Queensland, to the northern reaches of the State and extensively in south east Queensland.

Management Accounting

Management accounting and tax accounting are often mistakenly regarded as 'one and the same beast'


Business Planning

Business planning is a process, and not merely the result of preparing a business plan. As the old maxim


MYOB Support Services

MYOB is a valuable tool that can assist business owners and staff maintain an efficient


Administration Systems & Solutions

All businesses, irrespective of size, rely upon a range of administrative systems to function efficiently


Training & Development

Training and developing human resources is a vital process that has proven to be a powerful factor in the success